Teresa Conde-Garcia

Teresa Conde-Garcia, RN

nursing informatics
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Teresa has shown and shows continuous excellence in providing value for her clients. I can cite several examples: 1) GIEV_FR : Golive Valenciennes Public Hospital – Teresa has skillfully led the golive at the Emergency Department (first pediatric, then adults) providing strong guidance to the client team and quick and efficient translation of the required system optimization (not to forget her nightshifts at the ED). As for the impact on the French market: Today, GIEV_FR is the example in the French market of a performing EMR, and Teresa has definitely helped establishing the reputation.

2) CHURE_FR : design decisions : excellent client lead on the clinical decision making in a challenging contractual environment.
In both examples, Teresa has gone above and beyond the engagement we expected from her both in effective client guidance as in the time she invested. With the background of a RN, she provides the skills, firmness and personal engagement in the accomplishments of their tasks. With her Spanish background, she successfully established herself as a health partner for our French clients. Last but not least, Teresa is an extremely pleasant person to work with.