3 North Team at Clara Maass Medical Center
December 2017
Team of 3 North
at Clara Maass Medical Center
Medical/ Surgical
Clara Maass Medical Center
United States




After being an RN for 49 years, I was a patient this past February here. It was a sudden viral sepsis that really made me very sick. Admitted on a Friday night from the E.R., I was greeted by a wonderful caring nurse who calmed my fears. I was a mess, incontinent, embarrassed, febrile and scared. She was busy, but I never felt that she was too busy for me, or that she was overwhelmed. When the night shift came on duty, it was seamless. When hourly rounds were done, and they were done, if you needed anything, it was provided, and in between, if you rang, there was a quick response. The elderly woman next to me couldn't hear and someone had to physically come to grant her requests. They always did! This staff works as a team, if someone is on break, the nurse covering comes in to introduce herself and takes care of you. This consistently happened for me. These nurses are dedicated. They are a credit to our profession. I will never forget them!