Tayrn Chambers

Tayrn Chambers

Tayrn Chambers, RN

Stafford Hospital
Stafford, Virginia
United States

I was relocated from 4W to 3W, recently diagnosed with Cancer, a basket case to say the least and in walks Tee Jaye, the night nurse on 3W. Professionalism and courtesy are expected in a nurse. Tee Jaye had that and so much more. She had the words, the knowledge and the spirit to show me she cared. This young lady spent a good 30 minutes with me talking, nothing more than talking. It's not the words that came out of her mouth although they were important; it was everything about her demeanor, her presentation, her body language. She shared her story of why she is a nurse and not in a pushy way. She answered questions about my disease, about what she knew in regards to treatments, she rocked my world!

After our time, she was ready to continue her rounds and I asked if I could have a hug. Absolutely, was her answer. One more time did she arise to the occasion. I received love, warmth, affection, professionalism, and care in 10 seconds of a hug. In the morning I woke up to the shift change where I met the day nurse. To round out what a wonderful caring person she is, Tee Jaye had taken time to print documents about different treatments that we had previously talked about and placed them in my discharge book. She wished me luck through my day and assured me that she would be my nurse in the upcoming evening shift.

That evening, my family had been visiting me and the shift change was happening. As my parents and my wife were leaving I stopped at the nurse's station to introduce her to my family. Obvious that she was involved in getting her daily brief, she asked her co-worker to pause and took the time to say hello to my family. Again, the demeanor that was shown the previous evening shined! The time was not long, but she made sure to shake everyone's hand in a way to show that she cared about her patient and to let them know I was in the best care possible.

Tee Jaye Chambers exemplifies what nursing is. A job that there are not to many "thank you's", a tremendous amount of self-satisfaction, and a desire to help people. Tee Jaye Chambers, RN derserves a DAISY Award.