Taylor Holley

Taylor Holley

Taylor Holley, RN

9 Ardmore Tower
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Winston Salem, North Carolina
United States
Taylor squatted next to him so she would be on his level and tried to console him.

Taylor is an amazing asset to our unit, as well as this hospital. Even though she hasn’t been a nurse for a year yet, she is exceptional with her patient care. She goes out of her way to meet their needs, as well as the needs of other staff members and patients. Taylor works so hard to care for everyone, patients, family members and staff alike.

Recently Taylor has been assisting a patient with a language barrier.  Even when we have so much trouble getting a translator on the phone she doesn’t get discouraged and does the best she can through gestures and body language. The patient was going for a procedure one day and was made NPO for the night. Taylor was his nurse once again and the patient was asking for food, we had no way to communicate with him in a way that he could understand, that he couldn’t have anything to eat or drink. He sat in the middle of the hallway and begun to cry in sadness so Taylor squatted next to him so she would be on his level and tried to console him while trying not to cry herself. She stayed there with him for about an hour trying to help him calm down while trying to convey what was happening. You could see in his eyes that he felt as if he was being punished in some way. Through her actions, she was finally able to get the patient back into his room but you could see that it broke her heart having to deal with the lack of communication options and trying to calm the patient. Taking the time to stay with him in that capacity earned his respect for her once again and ultimately his compliance to return to his room.

Taylor treats her patients with the utmost respect and strives to make them feel like family while trying to understand their culture. She goes way above and beyond when caring for her patients and this example shows how much she cares for them. We all deal with adversity in providing patient care but Taylor sees it as a challenge that she will succeed in conquering. I hope that when I finish Nursing School myself that I can be a nurse that is as wonderful as Taylor.