Tanya Ambrose

Tanya Ambrose

Tanya Ambrose, RN, BSN

Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
Maimonides Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York
United States

“Tanya is the nurse I would want taking care of my mom”. These are the words expressed by the doctors and nurses in the MICU. Tanya’s leadership and role modeling is exemplified every day whether she is training a new hire or helping a seasoned veteran, Tanya’s motto is “I learn everyday; even when I go home I pick up one of my books to follow-up on something I found interesting today”. Though Tanya is a young nurse, even our seasoned nurses look for her to teach them. Tanya has become one of our unit experts in CVVHD and has precepted almost all of our new hires. Most importantly, Tanya not only provides expert critical care nursing, but the personal touch that is so important for our patients and families.

Please see the letter (written below) from one of our former patient’s daughter. I will use this as an example for all of my nurses here in the MICU to show that small things express the compassion and special connection the families of sick people, especially the critically ill people and families long for. Sometimes critical care nurses are focused on the complexities of our patient’s illnesses, but we cannot forget the small things we take for granted. The simple act of washing a patient’s hair, all while talking to her despite the fact that she is demented shows how Maimonides Medical Center’s vision – “compassionate about medicine…compassionate about people” is encompassed in the wonderful nurse – Tanya Ambrose. I am proud of her and proud to have her on our team!

Rosamaria Poska, RN, Nurse Manager, MICU

Letter from daughter of patient:

My mother was in your MICU unit last week from Wednesday evening until this Monday afternoon. Her care in your unit was exemplary from all the nurses and others who took care of her. However, one nurse stood out for her exceptional care.

Tanya Ambrose was extremely caring with my mom. Besides her excellent nursing care, she showed compassion and went what we call “the extra mile”. For example, my mother had an EEG and was left with the gooey gel that was matting down her hair. Normally, this would bother me but after her medical ordeal, I was just happy she was extubated and breathing on her own.

Ms. Ambrose brought out the special shower cap for waterless hair washing. She did not have to do this and it was something that I wouldn’t even be aware of. She was also very careful to explain things to my mom, so she would not get agitated.

Please continue to have this kind of success with your unit, as we family members of these critically sick patients very much appreciate it.

Thank you.