Tammy Weaver

Tammy Weaver, RN, case management certification

Internal Medicine Clinic
Alaska Native Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States

Tammy has spent multiple hours with many patients and families to provide excellent care. One patient in particular was a 50 year old man with cirrhosis. Tammy went above and beyond to make sure he understood every procedure he was going to have and was aware of every appointment he was scheduled to attend, often times spending many hours on the phone arranging transportation. When this lovely gentleman began to decline Tammy took time to help him understand why he had to live in a house with fewer stairs. Unfortunately this gentleman passed but it wasn't until after Tammy visited him in the hospital. With all the work Tammy normally has she still makes time to care, there have been so many patients touched by her kindness.


A customer owner was in from Kodiak. He needed to stay for treatment and Tammy went over and above to secure him a place to stay since his service unit would not pay for him to stay. She spent well over the usual amount of the time and effort to ensure he was taken care of, had lodging and meals.


Kudos to Tammy who leads by excellent example. She is an excellent manager and case manager!