Tammy Clary

Tammy Clary

Tammy Clary, RN

DCH Regional Medical Center & Northport Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
United States

... Working in an outpatient setting, it is not uncommon to see patients who are unable to care for themselves. We had a patient who regularly comes to the clinic with very dirty hair. Tammy ordered shampoo caps and very delicately approached the patient about washing her hair. Tammy took lots of time and washed the patient's hair twice. She then combed the patient's hair and continually complimented her on how great she looked.

We had another patient who had very poor hygiene. This patient is in a declining state of health and does not have any family members to help him. This is an indigent patient who does not have running water at home. The patient presented to the clinic very sick and confused. It was obvious that the patient had been unable to do basic hygiene care in several days. Tammy took the patient into the bathroom and gave him a complete, head-to-toe sponge bath. She dressed the patient in clean scrubs and clean socks. Later that day, the patient was admitted and subsequently placed in Hospice care. I know the patient felt so much better to feel clean and have on clean clothes. We also know that he will never forget the special attention and care provided to him by Tammy.

Tammy always provides excellent care to her patients but on these instances, she went above and beyond and made these patients fee loved.