Tabitha Spataro

Tabitha Spataro

Tabitha Spataro, RN

Infusion Center
Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southwestern Regional Medical Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States
Tabitha is not just a nurse, she is a good friend to her patients.

I have never met such a remarkable nurse as Tabitha Spataro.  I now consider her family that is how impressed I am with her. Tabitha shows the qualities which make a Registered Nurse forceful and effective. She produces beyond normal expectations.  She truly cares about her patients and their family which show she is not going to work just for a paycheck.

Tabitha makes it a point to know everything about her patients.  She was aware my daughter in the past has had symptoms of restless leg syndrome during chemotherapy, so she checked frequently to see if she was experiencing the symptoms.  Tabitha also checked to see if we were warm and comfortable. I rarely noticed her sitting. Every time I would leave my daughter's room Tabitha was tending to her patients.

Tabitha is not just a nurse, she is a good friend to her patients.  She definitely has all the skills needed to maintain the highest standards of professional excellence.  I’ve never seen a nurse like her.  She is so empathetic when it comes to her patients and their families.  She works assiduously to meet their needs in every way.  God bless Tabitha!