Tabitha Aghaebrahim
June 2016
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
United States




Tabitha will always be referred to a true patient advocate. It is not always easy to be the one to sit with a critically ill child's family and explain that there aren't any more options for their child. Recently Tabitha has cared for some very ill patients in the CICU. I watched her support the entire family as well as the patient. Two specific examples are of a patient that passed in the operating room, where she sat with the mother who did not speak or understand very much English and made sure she understood what was being told to her. She cried with her, supported her for the remainder of her shift lasting well into the late evening until this mother's support system was able to be with her. Just a few weeks later she was the nurse caring for another very ill patient where the patient was not going to survive despite the many heroic efforts of the medical team. The poise she demonstrated and support she gave the family while they were given this devastating news was truly amazing. She held their hands and helped guide them through what one can imagine to be one of the worst conversations that a parent could have with the medical team. She made sure they understood what was presented to them and demonstrated so much strength to support them during their time of sorrow.
You will often find Tabitha advocating for not only her patients but the family as a whole. She is honored for not only the care she delivers, but the ongoing empathy and support she provides families.