Sylvia Gonzalez

Sylvia Gonzalez, LVN

Kaiser Permanente Ambulatory Care Baldwin Park Medical Center
Baldwin Park, California
United States

Everyday millions of people go to their jobs, do their assigned work, call it a day and go home. That is what is expected of us. Sylvia Gonzalez does so much more than that each and every day. The physician assistants in the orthopedic department would like to recognize Sylvia for her exceptional work in the orthopedic department. Here are some personal notes from the physician assistants in our department.

Sylvia Gonzalez has an amazing heart. She is always willing to help by doing whatever is asked of her and beyond. She is always caring and very positive toward patients and their care. She makes it a priority to learn about patients and follow their outcomes. She has worked in many specialty areas of our clinic including spine and oncology which sometimes require a more trying level of care. Sylvia succeeds in providing care to these patients with ease. She often brings a soothing and compassionate understanding of their challenges and sometimes volatile emotions. She is a shoulder to cry on. She is a day brightener. She is extremely hard working. She makes the lives of those around her more positive and energetic. She deeply cares about each patient.

I would describe Sylvia as "Cheerful" - she is always able to put a smile on the faces of others, both employees and patients. "Hard working" - she is always willing to help out and goes above and beyond her particular duties to make sure that everything gets done - this includes rooming patients for providers that she is NOT working with, translating when an interpreter can't be found, drawing injections in the middle of her busy clinic, and covering the message center when need additional staff there.

Since joining Kaiser a little over a year ago, I have had the pleasure to work with a wonderful group of people. Folks who go the extra mile on a daily basis, yet regard what they do as little more than another day at the office. While finding a group of coworkers this great is remarkable, what is even more remarkable is that there is one individual who stands out as being even greater than the rest. Sylvia is consistently helpful, and often will offer her assistance without prompting. She exhibits a selfless dedication to members as well as her coworkers. To say nothing of the fact that she is one of the nicest, friendliest and kindest people anyone could have the pleasure of knowing.

Sylvia is a joy to work with, her smile and an infectious positive attitude brightens the day for all who come across her. She is a team player and motivator. When a job needs to be accomplished the department knows that they can count on Sylvia. Yes, she is hard worker, but her most important quality is her compassion. I believe that Sylvia possesses all these wonderful qualities because she cares so intensely about the people around her. She takes that extra moment to listen to her patients' needs and then does her best to fulfill them whether it is a hand on the shoulder to show empathy to making sure our patients are comfortable. These seem like simple tasks, but mean a lot to our members, as they are often forgotten in the busyness of our schedules. Sylvia exemplifies the characteristics of a great nurse. She is compassionate, positive and hardworking and in those qualities she delivers exceptional patient care. The Orthopedic department and Kaiser Permanente is fortunate to have her.

Ms. Sylvia Gonzalez exemplifies nursing in our orthopedic department in many ways. Upon her arrival in our department, nurse Sylvia Gonzalez has used her vivacious and energetic personality to bring a smile to providers, fellow staff and many patients. In addition to her clinical excellence, she has made an impact on many lives. In a series of encounters with an adolescent cancer survivor, she has participated in education of the patient and her family for the specific medical condition as well as preventative care, taking extra time to translate the importance of familial healthy diet and exercise. She has developed a relationship with this family at repeated visits and continues to encourage thriving as lifestyle change. Ms. Gonzalez encourages her colleagues to participate with her on lunch-time walks as well as after-hours local hikes. She has volunteered her free time to encourage ethnic minorities to job Be the Match, the National Bone Marrow Registry.

Sylvia - I wanted to take minute to let you know just how much I appreciate you, and all of your hard work that you do for our department and our patients. Your work does not go unnoticed. Just as my colleagues have stated your positive attitude always brings a smiles to our patients and everyone in the department. Not only are you extremely hard working, but you are conscientious personable, and able to anticipate needs which makes my day as a provider go smoothly. What sets you apart however, is you congenial and caring personality and your ability to build excellent rapport with patients, staff and providers. You have been an exceptional addition to this department and it means a lot to me to have you as a co-worker. Please know that you can count on me to do the same for you.