Suzanne Ducet

Suzanne Ducet

Suzanne Ducet, BSN, RN

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Suzanne has been a part of the Imaging Nurse Team since June of 2012. She was hired into a new role, designed to support new workflows in EPIC and to help provide safe passage for imaging department patients via telephone support before and after appointments. Suzanne was integral in defining the new role of Imaging Resource Nurse. She is also one of the nurses who support the CT Department on a daily basis. Suzanne is consistently recognized for a high level of excellence by teammates of all disciplines including her Imaging Nursing peers, technologists, radiologists and anesthesiologists.

Suzanne has an extremely strong sense of purpose in the service to patients and families. The Resource Nurse is often the first contact for the family with the Imaging team. Suzanne makes every patient and family feel special whether it is during her phone conversations as she prepares them for the test/procedure or when she is providing direct care in CT. Suzanne always goes above and beyond to help a patient or family. This often means spending hours coordinating multiple appointments and tests. Suzanne truly understands and embraces the AIDET introduction framework and has served as a champion for AIDET use through her role as a Listening Information Network about Change (LINCS) member.

Suzanne is an expert collaborator. She works extremely well with team members of all disciplines in the imaging department and in other departments and clinics. One of the best examples of Suzanne's level of collaboration is her ability to coordinate multiple tests with sedation in different departments. Suzanne works hard to establish trust in all of her interactions.

Facilitation of Learning: This is an area of strength for Suzanne. She currently serves as a LINCS member for her imaging team members with the recent communication of upcoming change related to AIDET and PIV care. Suzanne also serves as one of two EPIC credentialed trainers for the imaging nurses. She has been working with our Principal Trainer to develop training materials for new imaging nurses.

Best Practice: Suzanne currently serves as the Imaging Department representative for the Joint Clinical Practice Council (JCPC). In this role, she reviews policy and procedures and helps communicate practice changes to her teammates. Suzanne has also been part of improvements in the Imaging Department including a recent example of helping to develop a new process for patients having a Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) and a Renal Scan on the same day.

Shared Leadership: Suzanne demonstrates shared leadership in her work on JCPC. She has also taken the initiative to organize supplies in CT and maintains a schedule for stocking and rotation of supplies. Her work demonstrates financial stewardship and true leadership.

Clinical Practice: Suzanne demonstrates strong caring practices and advocacy for her patients. Patients and family members take the time to say thank you with cards and notes.

One of Suzanne's technologist co-workers sums up what she appreciates about Suzanne: "Suzanne is great with patients and their families. She is always willing to help out in any situation that is presented. She is very proactive. She remains calm, even on the busiest days. We appreciate her smile and upbeat attitude. When she is our assigned nurse for the day, I know things will run smoothly. I have great confidence in her and I appreciate all that she does for our Imaging Department."