Susan Reddick
December 2015
Hardin Memorial Hospital
United States




My husband came to Hardin Memorial for a routine outpatient surgery that became more after he woke from surgery.  He had developed severe pancreatitis and was admitted to the 4th floor at HMH after his surgery.   He was very ill and required a lot of attention from the staff.  Susan was attentive, compassionate, and acted with a sense of urgency when his condition began to worsen.  She was what I would call the perfect example of a patient advocate. 

When Susan realized my husband’s condition was changing, she immediately notified his provider and attempted to get the interventions needed to help him.  Even though Susan had a whole team of patients, you would never realize this by the way that she cared for him.  It seemed to us that he was her only patient, but in reality, I know she was treating each of her patients this way.  Susan stayed with him the whole night to try anything she could to help him feel better.  Unfortunately, we had to transfer to another hospital the next day; but we quickly realized how much we missed Susan and the team when we arrived to the transferring facility. 

I have had contact with Susan on a few occasions after his admission, and she asks about him each time.  I feel confident that she is continuing to provide this same level of care today and HMH is fortunate to have her on their team.