Susan Kirkman

Susan Kirkman

Susan Kirkman, RN

Mercy Hospital St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
It was unbelievably clear how much Susan loved my son and how much she cared for our family in the way she interacted with all of us.

We were incredibly blessed to have Susan as our son’s primary nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit this year. To say that Susan is incredible doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. She is someone who views her career as a calling, not just a job, and this is something that is evident in everything that she does. She answered every question with a smile, takes excellent care of her patients, and makes families feel comfortable and informed. There were many times that I felt nervous or worried about things that were going on with my newborn son, and Susan did everything in her power to put me at ease and show me that my son was receiving the highest quality care.

On our discharge day, Susan came in for an extra shift just so she could be there with us. She was incredibly detailed in going over his discharge instructions and she answered every question I had. Not only did she coach us through our entire experience there, she became a friend. I was very nervous, but the moment I met Susan I knew that my son was in very capable hands. Susan has a warm and compassionate demeanor that instantly puts people at ease. Her knowledge and skill as a nurse is impressive. She answered every question, in detail, and she explained every aspect of the care that my son was receiving. It is very rare that someone who provides the high caliber of care and has the depth of knowledge that Susan does also possesses the warmth and compassion that she exhibits. Susan was a real gift to us during such a stressful time, and we were truly blessed to have her to guide us through our NICU journey.

I spent a great deal of time in the unit with my son, and Susan spent time visiting with me and showing me how to care for my son. She took advantage of every teachable moment with me when it came to cares, bath times, and feedings, and she was always kind and patient when helping me to learn something new. It was unbelievably clear how much she loved my son and how much she cared for our family in the way she interacted with all of us. Even though it was a hospital room, her warmth made it feel like home. 

While it was scary leaving the hospital, my husband and I felt that we were extremely well-prepared for taking care of our son, because of the guidance and wisdom that Susan shared with us. Susan encouraged us to do as much as we could at the hospital so that we would be comfortable going home. Not only is Susan a superb nurse, she is a wonderful person, inside and out. I feel so lucky and blessed that Susan was our nurse, and I cannot sing her praises enough. She is a credit to your institution, and any other family who is fortunate enough to have her as a nurse is incredibly lucky. She will forever be in our hearts as “Aunt Susan,” and we are eternally grateful for her kindness, compassion, and excellent care.