Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit at NYU Lutheran Medical Center

Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit at NYU Lutheran Medical Center, RNs and more

Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit
NYU Lutheran Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Photo (l-r) Edinah Gaurano, RN; Dr. Galina Glinik; Elizabeth Douglas, RN, CCRN; Trinity Lennon RN, CCRN, Aaron Cinco, RN; Hermela Latorre, RN; Andy Cassagnol, Bernina Almonor, RN, CCRN; Sharon Sabov, RN; Nelly Perez, RN, CCRN; Teresa Sroga, RN; Melissa Weber, RN; Maya Domahsitsky, RN, CCRN

There are several nomination cards and letters from patients and families. Below are excerpts from some of the nominations:

"Thank you to all of the SICU staff for the great care you gave to our uncle. We appreciate everyone taking our daily phone calls and keeping us updated on his progress and condition. It is not easy living so far away from a sick relative but we were comforted knowing he was in your professional and caring hands."

"You made an agonizing experience less so, and you helped our family member thrive so he could move on to a rehab facility."

"May God continue to bless you all with the love and patience you give to your patients- I am so grateful for the care you gave me."

"The SICU staff is devoted to their profession. The nurses took the time to listen and to explain in detail the condition of my father. I have great admiration for their knowledge and compassion, it allowed me to go to work knowing they would contact me immediately if needed. They have been a blessing during this difficult time and we are grateful to everyone on this unit."

"Words cannot express how thankful my family is to all of the SICU staff. You supported us and allowed us to stay by our mother's side during this difficult time. Your kindness and compassion helped pull us together and you were always by our side, no matter how many questions we asked, continuously reassuring us and giving us hope. It is very hard to find a health care team as dedicated and compassionate as you all have been. It was a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you, and we were blessed to have such an amazing team working with my mother every day. We will never forget the relief the day my 7-year-old brother was reunited with my mom after 3 long weeks. A mere thank you will never be enough to express how we feel, but you will surely always be in our prayers. Thank you for making us feel a part of the team, your compassion will never be forgotten."

"From the depths of our hearts we thank you for your loving care and patience for our family member. You all treated us as if he were your own family member. There are many adoring memories that we share and want you to know your caring hearts have inspired us. Thank you so much for all of your hard work; we are humbled by your kindness, generosity and sympathy each one of you extended to our family."