Sue Stiffler

Sue Stiffler, RN BSN

Interventional Radiology
Mercy Medical Center (MD)
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Suzanne was nominated by a patient whose IV infiltrated and, who, consequently, had to spend time in Interventional Radiology until the swelling decreased. While the patient was not her own, Suzanne got the patient warm compresses every 10 – 15 minutes, chatted with her to keep her occupied, ordered her lunch and experimented with ways of elevating her arm so that the patient was more comfortable.

According to the patient, “You have no idea how uncomfortable it is to have your arm up high for long periods of time. Suzanne figured out how to make a sling out of a patient gown and hung it from the IV pole to help me out.”

Suzanne kept the conversation lively with this patient. “As I laughed with her, things didn’t seem so bad,” was the patient’s response.