Steve Brinkman

Steve Brinkman, RN

Float Pool
Bethesda North Hospital and Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States
Steve took the time to go over each medication, researched them for me and found where I could purchase them for a low price, and even gave me coupons for some of them.

Steve Brinkman was one of my nurses during my stay.  I was hospitalized with my second heart attack and transferred from the ICU to a room. I was scheduled for an angioplasty and was taken down to have it done.  I was nervous and scared and in severe pain.  The surgeon and I didn’t see eye-to-eye.  I felt so bad, I didn’t think I could make it through the procedure, so I declined to have it done.  The doctor didn’t try to persuade me into doing it or sympathize with my feelings or the pain I was experiencing.  I was sent back to my room, where I decided I just wanted to check myself out.  I had no insurance and was so frustrated.

A few minutes later Steve came in and asked me why I didn’t have the procedure done.  After explaining to Steve how I felt, he started to explain to me the seriousness of my condition and how crucial it would be for my recovery.  He was very genuine and showed true concern for my well-being. He saved my life as far as I’m concerned because I was on my way out of the door and he talked me into having the test done.  He went and talked to the doctor and when he returned I had another scheduled angioplasty.  He explained to the whole procedure in detail to me and answered every question I had.  He showed true genuine concern for me and never judged me.  He gave me the confidence I needed, “that I would make it through this ordeal.”

He went out of his way to make my stay as comfortable and pleasant as he could.  He is very knowledgeable about his work and he explained everything to me in a way that I could understand, even if he had to spend extra time with me, he wanted to make sure that he answered every question I had.

My fiancé was up from South Carolina.  Steve made sure she was comfortable, gave her bedding, sheets, pillows, etc.  He made sure she also understood what was going on and how she could help with my recovery etc.

Steve has a pleasant personality, always smiling and happy.  Although he works long hours, he never complained, he would come in and check on me to see if I needed anything very often. I felt I had made a new friend, we found ourselves talking about our families, pets, jobs, etc.  He is so dedicated to his job and goes way over and beyond his call of duties.  He made me as comfortable as possible.

He knew I have a very low income and no health insurance.  He took the time to go over each medication, researched them for me and found where I could purchase them for a low price, and even gave me coupons for some of them since I have no access to a computer or printer.  He talked to me about the lifestyle changes I must make to stay healthy.  He is a great problem solver and gets along well with his co-workers and adds a little humor.  He made sure at the end of his shift, that whoever was replacing him was aware of my treatment plan.  He is very respectful and professional.  He takes on one task after another.  He should be acknowledged and rewarded for such hard and dedicated work.  I’ll never forget him or what he did for me.  Steve saved my life, sent by God, was at the right place at the right time.

Steve is the type of nurse I would request if ever was to be hospitalized here again.  I would have peace of mind if any of my family members or friends were to be under his care.  He turned a tragedy into a blessing.