Stefanie Mathews

Stefanie Mathews

Stefanie Mathews, RN

The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

We are pleased and privileged to nominate Stefanie Mathews from 7W (MICU)for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. She richly deserves this award. During my 30 years of being an ordained member of the Clergy, we have never experienced nor witness such professionalism and leadership, especially at such a young age.

Allow me to set up the scene. We were summoned to be bedside of a patient on 7W. The patient was at the end of life and the family requested prayers from a Roman Catholic Clergy. The young nurse ushered us into the room and introduced us to the family.

The Resident Physician was sharing with the family that there was nothing medically speaking that could be done except provide comfort to the patient. The family was not comfortable with his discernment.

The young nurse took over and gently and compassionately navigated the situation and clarified the situation being attentive to the family and repeating lovingly and caringly the medical reality. They finally accepted the reality and approved the leadership of the young nurse, feeling comfortable, safe and secure, feeling listened to and understood.

It was an amazing transformation and everyone felt heard, enabling the family to move forward. The young nurse, Stefanie Mathews, richly deserves high praise for her composure, leadership, and compassionate tenacity in being present to the family, allowing them to digest the reality of the situation. Shortly after, the patient passed on and once again Stefanie provided leadership and took control of the situation allowing the family ample time to say their goodbyes and ready to move forward with the grieving process.

We applaud the superb talents of Stefanie Mathews as we applaud her highly developed skills and maturity at such an early age in her life.