Sophia Briley

Sophia Briley

Sophia Briley, RN

IV Therapy & PICC Team/Advance Treatment Area
Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton, Ohio
United States
Sophia was so kind to me and my patient. She took her time and never seemed to be in a hurry or made the patient feel rushed.

No one was able to place an IV in my patient this evening.  If we had to wait until morning when more resources were available, my patient would miss four doses of antibiotics.  I paged Sophia fifteen minutes before the end of her shift.  I asked her if she could possibly help me with a very difficult IV start.  She said she was more than happy to come and take a look.  Not only did she take a look, but she ended up staying and placing a midline IV.  She was so kind to me and my patient.  She took her time and never seemed to be in a hurry or made the patient feel rushed.  Her willingness to help us allowed my patient to get her antibiotics through the night.  Missing four doses of antibiotics would have a negative impact on any patient.  Sophia clearly puts our patients first!


Sophia Briley is proof that good things come in small packages.  As an expert in IV therapy, she has big skills in placing PICC lines, midlines and IVs that are so vital to the therapy of our very ill patients.  She is skilled, knowledgeable and so patient and kind.  Her calm reassuring approach helps ease anxiety in patients who have had negative experiences in the past.  She is such an important part of every unit’s team of great care. 

To paraphrase Mother Theresa; do small things with great love.  Starting an IV may seem like a small thing.  Making the procedure positive and comfortable is what Sophia is able to do.