Silver Afan
November 2018
Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine
United States




Silver has been a shining light for my mom and for our family during my mom's stay at Harborview. Since the moment he first walked into her room, when her health prognosis was still uncertain, his positive energy helped all of us through a really tough time. Whether Silver was assigned to her during his shifts, or to someone else, he always went above and beyond and checked on my mom to see how she was doing. He even stopped by many times when she transferred over to inpatient rehab at 4West, which always lifted her spirits and made her feel very special. His ability to infuse humor into situations that can be scary or uncomfortable have been invaluable to us. He makes it a priority to ensure that my mom is comfortable and always has everything she needs, and I know she is not an exception for him. His generous and caring spirit is clearly such a genuine part of who Silver is. I know that he is the same with every patient he interacts with. Silver's patience is unparalleled. He even tolerates being called by the nickname "Oscar", which my mom decided would be his new name and has stuck to it ever since! The entire nursing staff at Harborview, and specifically 4EH, is world class, but even still, Silver manages to stand out from the crowd. He takes care of not just of his patients, but of their families as well. I could not be more grateful to have him as one of my mom's nurses during her hospital stay.