Sheryl Contreras

Sheryl Contreras

Sheryl Contreras, RN II

Seton Medical Center Hays
Kyle, Texas
United States

We admire Sheryl's skill, warmth and compassion in caring for our 98+ year old dad.  She took him into her heart, we could tell.  She was very gentle and kind, even at times when he was not a very happy patient.  You could tell that our dad trusted her totally and wanted to please her.

We thank her for her frankness and the knowledge conveyed to use regarding his health issues.  She was very careful to let us know exactly what the doctor reported at every visit, carefully filled that doctor's instructions, and explained everything to us.

Plans are that tomorrow our dad will be discharged from your hospital.  Please know that we are grateful for Sheryl's help and all the other aides and nurse assistants at the hospital.  With all of them, as well as the excellent doctors, we are leaving relieved and more comfortable.  Dad gets to go home feeling much, much better. We promise to keep him comfortable Sheryl.