Sherry Beltz
August 2020
Family Birthing Services
Wellspan Waynesboro Hospital
United States




My husband and I had our first child, a baby girl, at Waynesboro Hospital. I was downright terrified of giving birth and showed up to be induced full of nerves and apprehension. The first nurse I encountered during my stay was Sherry. She was assisting a new L&D nurse and showing her the ropes. From the very moment I got to my room, Sherry was amazing. She could tell how nervous I was and was quick to make me feel at ease. She encouraged me to speak up and ask any questions I had and constantly reassured me that I could handle anything that was coming my way. She explained every single step of the process to me very clearly to ease my concerns and made sure I was completely on board with what was going to be done. My induction took several days and I had a very rough time getting through contractions.

Sherry was by my side through it all and most importantly advocated for me when I needed it most. Any concern that I had about what was happening was addressed when Sherry was there. She made sure my wishes were heard and made sure that I got pain medication when I needed it. Even when others weren't responsive to my requests, Sherry helped to get my concerns heard. I could not have done this with Sherry and her wonderful care. Not only did she work hard to meet my physical needs, but she was there to support me mentally as well. The experience of being induced was a tough one, but I can honestly say it was made better because Sherry was my nurse. She made sure that I had the best experience as a first-time mom that I could have had. Even when Sherry was not working over the weekend that I was there, she called in to speak to the other nurses to check on me and see if I had had my baby yet. It made me feel good to know that Sherry's concern about our welfare was genuine.

From telling me about her personal child birthing experiences to ease my fears to advocating for my wishes and comfort, Sherry made my experience at L&D so much better and I feel that she is a true DAISY Nurse.