Sherese Doram

Sherese Doram

Sherese Doram, RN

2 East Telemetry
Saint Joseph Hospital - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Sherese came into my room for her first time to see me and proceeded with a smile and began what was to be 2 days of superb nursing care. She was not only a nurse and care provider but also an advocate. Being diabetic and having chronic pancreatitis my diet must be low fat, low carb and nothing fried. When dietary sent meals that did not meet these criteria, Sherese proceeded with professionalism, composure and determination to resolve the situation. After a continued effort, there was success and a smile on Sherese's face.

I also have various illnesses that require medications to be administered consistently within a certain timeframe. Sherese was diligent and intentional in seeing I received medications CORRECTLY.

Sherese exemplifies the professional type of person I think a nurse should be. She always goes the extra mile, always with a smile, always asking if there's more she can do. Sherese is an asset to Saint Joseph Hospital and to the nursing profession!


My husband would like to nominate Sherese RN. He says she went above and beyond the call of duty and was an excellent nurse for him. She always took the time to listen to his concerns and would return with answers to his questions. Sherese was professional at all time and very knowledgeable.