Shelly Lolwing

Shelly Lolwing

Shelly Lolwing, RN

Skiff Medical Center
Newton, Iowa
United States

My dad and I would like to thank Shelly Lolwing so much for the gracious, caring way she cared for my mom while she was at Skiff. We appreciate your wisdom in pursuing additional diagnosis and treatment at Mercy and the way you went to bat for us. Eventually her lungs deteriorated and there were no means to reverse things. But we appreciate that we were able to seek additional help and answers so we owe that to you. We weren't ready to have her leave us, but as we look back over the past weeks, we are assured that God was ushering her safely home. We have the blessed hope of eternal life and know for certain that we will someday join her in worship at Jesus' feet. Thanks for all you did to care for her. You did a good job and we are grateful.


This was one of two nominations that Shelly Lolwing received this quarter. The other referenced her ability to stay "respectful, kind and patient" under pressure. "Today we had a very busy period and someone got upset because they were not attended to first. Shelly was patient and listened to the person and took care of their need in a compassionate manner. The person became calm and more relaxed when they realized that Shelly was going to take care of them. People trust her and she makes me want to be a better person."