Shelley Baird

Shelley Baird, RN, CCRN

Med/Surg - HHI
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and Hoag Hospital Irvine
Newport Beach, California
United States

The June 2011 DAISY award was received by Shelley Baird, R.N., CCRN

Shelley has been with Hoag for one year and in that time she has taken on numerous roles, many of which have been on the unit voluntarily. She proctored with the ET nurse so that she could gain knowledge and experience to be better at skin care, is one of Hoag’s representatives for Robert’s roundtable, is our Comfort Care Pathway expert for both the telemetry and medical/surgical units, and completed an ECG course and cross-training to telemetry this month.

Recently, Shelley embraced new challenges, becoming the Unit Wound Care Resource and Comfort Care Expert. Shelley’s colleagues report that she demonstrates the kind of empathy, kindness, and compassion of the person you would want to care for you in the hospital. They also add that she is a true example of Hoag pride, as she continually strives to improve her critical thinking abilities and leadership skills. She is loved by all of her co-workers and patients.