Sheila Ekstrum

Sheila Ekstrum

Sheila Ekstrum, RN

Gordon Hospital, Murray Medical Center
Calhoun, Georgia
United States
Sheila's prayers and physical comfort changed my life.

I was a patient on the 2nd floor. I had PNA and possibly lung cancer. I was in a lot of pain and I was scared. Sheila helped me in so many ways. One night she was off the floor and I needed pain medication. I was confused about what time the medication was due and gave another nurse a hard time. Sheila came back, sat beside me, and placed her hand on my arm. She explained my medication and told me she understood I was scared. She offered to pray for me. I told her I was not much of a Christian man but she could pray for me anyway. She also offered to have a hospital minister come to see me. I agreed and spoke with him the next day.

Two days later I had an incident with a staff member. I felt ashamed and embarrassed by my behavior. Later that night I decided to go home because I felt so bad. Sheila again sat beside me and said the incident was over and no one else knew. She said my health was more important. She sat beside me the whole time.  She was right and I went back to bed.

Because she took time with me I stayed to get my PNA medications. Now I am better at home and I don’t have cancer.

Her prayers and physical comfort changed my life. I am a Christian man now.  Thank you.