Shazia Arif

Shazia Arif, RN, Bachelor of Nursing

Surgical Special Care Unit (SSCU-B)
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
United States

“I imagine that you are all quite excited, because today is a very important and monumental day. As you know, today we are all gathered to celebrate the first DAISY Award winner. Unfortunately I cannot be there to enjoy the day with you, so please accept these written words.

Shazia is an excellent nurse because she cares about patients, family and colleagues. She always behaves in a very professional manner and knows how to work under pressure, always with a smile on her face. She meets all the criteria to be a DAISY winner and I think she should be recognized.

So many thoughts come into my mind when I try to define the type of person who deserves this prize. I believe that it is important to be an educated nurse, but a true nurse also possesses unique qualities and can be relied upon during difficult times. These are the special people who care about their patients, how they feel and they consistently show compassion and mercy with their patients and families. Shazia is a great example of this type of nurse.

The winner of the September 2010 DAISY Award is indeed one of these true professionals. She always communicates and works consistently well during times of stress, yet can also be relied upon to share a joke or repair the never ending paper jam in the photocopier. She can often be seen getting on with her work but her efforts and extraordinary contributions quite often go unnoticed. Until today ……………”

Christina Diaz Cid