Shaunsharay Davis

Shaunsharay Davie

Shaunsharay Davis, RN, BSN

In-patient med/surg
University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, Illinois
United States
My first night at the hospital, Shaun recognized my name and came to my room to say hello.

I met Shaun in March 2016 when I got out of the surgical ICU after an emergency surgery for a hiatal hernia.  Shaun was my nurse for three nights. She was pleasant, she cared very much for me and all her patients, and she was very knowledgeable.  After about a week and a half, I had another emergency surgery for a hernia and resection of a portion of my small intestines.  Shaun found out that I had another surgery and visited me while I was in the ICU.  She showed the same caring personality as the first time I met her.  When I was discharged from the ICU there were no rooms on the third floor and as a result, I was transferred to the 9th floor.  While I was on the 9th floor, Shaun located my room and visited a few times until I was transferred back to the third floor.  She was the nurse who cared so much.  Luckily, my new room on the third floor was in Shaun’s area and she was my nurse for three nights.  We got to know each other more and I realized that she was truly a caring person.  My fiance also enjoyed talking with her when my fiance would stay the night while Shaun was working.

Another hiatal hernia occurred while I was traveling for work.  I requested to be transferred to the University of Chicago Medicine due to the quality of the surgeons, doctors, residents, medical students, nurses, and staff.  My first night at the hospital, Shaun recognized my name and came to my room to say hello. My family was with me that night and all of them enjoyed talking with Shaun.  Shaun mentioned that she was going to be working that upcoming Thursday and said she was going to stop by and visit.   Shaun is a great nurse.  Talking with other nurses, it was clear that they very much respected her and thought she was a great person.  She is a great person, who made my stay more enjoyable (even though it was for a surgery).  She is a wonderful nurse who makes people feel welcomed.