Sharelle Adkins
November 2021
Medical Floor
Boone Memorial Hospital
United States




Sharelle is everything a nurse should be.
My father-in-law was at Boone Memorial Hospital for skilled nursing services. During his two weeks there, he received exemplary treatment from all the healthcare staff but one name stood out time and again, and that was Sharelle Adkins. She was always very kind and helpful, she really knew how to put my father-in-law at ease. Her genuine compassion was helpful in his healing process; she would even stop in to check on him during her shifts when his care wasn't assigned to her. She was extremely helpful at discharge by making sure we had everything we needed to continue his care at home.

Sharelle was instrumental in my father-in-law's recovery, and she should be recognized for going above and beyond. She has a true heart of gold, is considerate of her co-workers, and a team player. She is everything a nurse should be.