Shannon Dwarica

Shannon Dwarica

Shannon Dwarica, BSN, RN

75 Med/Surg
UF Health - Shands
Gainesville, Florida
United States

...Patient has been hospitalized with a stroke and on dialysis. Patient left the unit for dialysis and on return to the unit Shannon went to greet her patient in the hallway and immediately realized that there was a change in the patient's condition. Patient was not responding, with audible respiratory congestion. She immediately stopped the tube feed, elevated head of bed and called for immediate assistance. On further assessment, she noted patient's right side was flaccid and primary MD was notified. A SWAT was initially called but realizing that it could be a possible stroke as this was patient's admitting diagnosis, a Stroke Alert was also called.

Both teams arrived and Shannon provided pertinent information to the teams to allow for appropriate treatment. Patient was intubated and sent to CT scan. Patient's wife was distraught and wanted to stay on the unit. Patient's wife states that with the trust Shannon instilled in her, she was able to stay calm which allowed Shannon and the teams to manage the evolving situation. Shannon took the time to explain to the patient's wife all that occurred and even found time to call the patient's sister-in-law asking her to come and provide emotional support for patient's wife. The patient returned to Unit 75 Med/Surg and even when patient was not assigned to Shannon she would take the time to check with the patient's wife on the patient's progress.

Shannon exemplifies all the characteristics of a DAISY Award recipient by establishing a special rapport with patient and family and also made a significant difference in the patient's life. She is empathetic and provided emotional support when needed. Shannon comes to work enthusiastic and passionate about her work and comes prepared to meet the challenges of caring for her patients. She demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and epitomizes the essence of professional nursing in all her actions. She is described by the patient's wife as her "Nurse Nightingale."