Shanna Potter

Shanna Potter

Shanna Potter, RN

Specialty Home Infusion
ARJ Infusion Services
Springfield, Missouri
United States
Shanna cheers me up when I am sad and makes me laugh.

Shanna is beyond amazing and has been a blessing in my life. From the 1st time Shanna came into my home, she was so accommodating. I had no power and it was freezing in my home and Shanna was willing to help me pack my medicine and supplies and meet me at my daughter's home so we could complete my infusion. It was very accommodating, and I knew right then, that my home infusion experience was going to be a good one!

Coming from getting my infusions in a clinic setting, I was very scared at who I would be paired up with, but I feel like Shanna has fit right in. She reminds me so much of my daughter and makes me feel happy and safe. She cheers me up when I am sad and makes me laugh. Home infusions are way different than office infusions. In the office setting, it was very loud, and IV machines were beeping, and nurses running around. However, with home infusions, it is so peaceful and relaxing with Shanna. I don't have to worry if I fall asleep and start snoring because Shanna won't care.

I can't imagine my infusions going any better than they have. Shanna is so talented and a perfect match for me.