Shani Toney Simmons

Shani Toney Simmons

Shani Toney Simmons, RN

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Inpatient Unit (CIRU)
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: Scottish Rite, Egleston and Hughes Spaulding
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Shani is an incredible asset to our unit. She came to CIRU from the neuro unit at EG a couple years ago. Shani has been a great source of knowledge and level headedness. These qualities were fully exhibited one night when she was charge.

Shortly after the shift started a new nurse had two patients, simultaneously, unable to hold their O2 SATS up. Rapid response was called a couple times for each of these patients. The other nurses were assisting the new nurse, but Shani's calm presence and experience made the care of these patients seem almost effortless. Without her we would have been able to handle the issues but she brought a calm to the situation that helped everyone keep a level head! She is an amazing, humble, knowledgeable and helpful nurse.

Shani always advocates for her patients and for what she believes is right for the situation. She listens to the staff when she is in charge and is a very good leader. CIRU and CHOA are better just by her being here!