Shana Luckadue

Shana Luckadue

Shana Luckadue, BSN, RN

3 North Medical Unit
CHI St. Vincent
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

When a patient cannot breathe or catch their breath it brings much anxiety to the family. As soon as we arrived from the Emergency Department, Shana began taking care of us and making sure each one of our needs were met. When she was checking us in, she told us about her experience with asthma as a child. Her stories, great attitude and sense of humor eased my heart and mind. She took time to hug us and make us feel that we mattered. Many nurses today consider nursing just a job. We believe Shana considers it a calling. It isn't just somewhere she must be, Shana makes us feel like she gets to be here at this wonderful hospital.

Shana also took time to laugh with us and answer any questions we had. I did not know where the elevators were because we came the back way. She didn't just point me but she walked me there. Shana never stopped and she monitored mom with care. She made a very uncomfortable, unwanted visit very comfortable and with much love.

Thank you, Shana, for loving what you do and bringing such joy to your patients and families. We will never ever forget you.