Severine Sakouhi

Severine Sakouhi

Severine Sakouhi, BSN, RN

Nursing Administration
Medical City Dallas
Dallas, Texas
United States
When Severine rounds on us on the floor she always asks if we need any help.

Since Severine started the interim position, she has been doing an excellent job. She has demonstrated a high level of commitment to our team. She has such a caring attitude to all our patients and us. She always has a positive attitude no matter what we throw at her (and there are a lot of us). She always has a professional demeanor. What we like most about her is that she is fair.

Severine is always there with us (and we are everywhere). She wants to make sure we deliver the best care possible for our patients. She is supportive and enthusiastic. When she rounds on us on the floor she always asks if we need any help. One day she rounded in the Children's Hospital and one of our float pool staff had a very challenging patient assigned to her. The patient required a sitter. Suddenly the patient became very aggressive and Severine did not hesitate a second to put on gloves and went into the room to help deescalate the situation. She was able to calm down the patient and established a connection with him. She kept visiting him until his discharge.

Severine exemplifies Medical City mission, vision, and values. She has positively influenced our team. She is a wonderful person inside and out. Thank you, Severine for making a difference in our lives and in our patient's life. We love you!