Serena Villalobos

Serena Villalobos

Serena Villalobos, LVN

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Service Area
Woodland Hills, California
United States

Our friendly, compassionate, and lone nurse, Serena Villalobos, LVN, is the face of Nephrology in our Western Ventura County Area. Since partnering with Serena, who works with Dr. Krastein and Dr. Cha in Nephrology, she has demonstrated flexibility and accountability in all aspects of her job.

Even though she is asked to work with other speciality providers in her office from time to time, she is still held accountable for taking care of our Nephrology patients as well. The past year and a half, Serena has helped us increase our quality of service to our members in Western Ventura County by hosting our 3 teleconferenced classes; Kidney, Choice and Transplant Classes in Oxnard televised from Woodland Hills. In helping the Woodland Hills Nephrology Care Team deliver this virtual educational program to our patients, we achieved positive outcomes for our members by helping them delay their kidney disease progression and teaching them the importance of starting dialysis optimally for greater success.

Recently, Serena assisted one of her homeless transplant patients who relocated to the area in the hopes of finding work. Serena knew how much he needed his medications. This patient has a history of working with heavy machinery in agriculture. Serena remembered another patient who works locally in agriculture, so she connected this other patient to see if there were any available positions for this patient or direct her to someone that could assist this transplant patient. She was given two places that were hiring for machinery. Serena then drew a map of the area for him, knowing he was not from here. She directed the patient to where he was recommended. Patient thanked her, and then she handed the patient a slice of cake, she just brought over for someone's birthday, they celebrated with a cold bottle of water and some money she had on her. She has previously sent the patient over to our Social worker to help him with our financial program that we have. She still does not know if the patient found a job that day. She does know that the patient is scheduled for a follow up appointment next month and has been receiving his medications.

The qualities that Serena possesses and displays in caring for her patients cannot be taught, it is ingrained. I nominate Serena for the DAISY Award in celebration for her exemplary care to our patients and in partnering with all the members of the Woodland Hills Nephrology Team in extending excellent service to our members in Western Ventura County Service Area.

Note: This is Serena's second DAISY Award!