Seneca Schue

Seneca Schue

Seneca Schue, RN

Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States
Seneca stopped everything she was doing to talk to me.

I was brought into Winchester Medical Center’s Emergency Room for multiple TIAs.  I was a heavy smoker and that evening the ER nurse tried to give me a nicotine patch, of which I refused.

I was scheduled for an “echo” on Monday so I stayed in the hospital over the weekend.  When I got to my assigned room my nurse was Seneca Schue.  Seneca, her aide and I got to know each other and these two catered to my every need.  They were great nurses.  We laughed and joked around because they knew I didn’t want to be here.

The next day Seneca offered me a nicotine patch in the morning, of which I refused, and another one in the evening and, again, I refused. I was trying to go cold turkey.

Come the third morning, I had gone fifty hours without a cigarette or any aid.  I woke up with a fairly heavy depression.  Every couple of minutes I was breaking into tears; didn’t really know why.  Seneca came in to check my morning vitals and saw that I was upset and asked me if I was alright.  So, I tried to explain it to her but I really didn’t know what was going on.  The next thing I know Seneca pulled up a chair next to my bed and sat down beside me.  She stopped everything she was doing to talk to me.  It seemed like I was the only patient in the hospital and she was going to make sure I was alright.

Seneca sat there until I had straightened myself out.  We decided that it could be nicotine withdrawal so I let her give me a patch to try.  After that, I never had another depression episode the rest of the time that I was in the hospital.

I have never had a nurse actually pull up a chair and sit down and just talk to me as a person.  It takes a lot to impress me but Seneca did and I will never forget her for it.