Selin Mathew

Selin Mathew

Selin Mathew, RN

Procedural Nursing
Northside Hospital Duluth
Duluth, Georgia
United States
Selin stands out because of the personalized attention she gives.

Today we took care of a patient that has been coming to our department for over a year. She started with a biopsy to diagnose ovarian cancer. This young lady would amaze you with her incredible spirit and light through everything that has been thrown at her. Through her journey, she has been touched by my nurse, Selin Mathew and has nominated her two, possibly three times for the DAISY Award. She speaks to me every time she comes to ask, has she won it yet?

Selin walks into the room and to watch the bond that she has formed with this patient and how she has touched her is a sight to behold. Selin truly is an amazing, compassionate nurse and her faith guides her every day. She truly is a DAISY Nurse and is a perfect example of what a role model should be in the Gwinnett Medical Center family.


Selin goes above and beyond to make you as comfortable as possible, before during and after the procedure. The entire nursing staff is great, but Selin stands out because of the personalized attention she gives every time I come in, even if she isn't my nurse. I was in the ER one day and she came to check on me to make sure I was ok. She's the most caring and compassionate nurse I have ever dealt with.