Sean Beinhaur
May 2021
Porter Medical Center




Sean was a strong advocate for my health.

I received excellent care while I was in the emergency department. Due to my heart condition, I needed to be transferred to a different facility, but unfortunately, no beds were available, so I was admitted to the Medical/Surgical Unit until a bed became available.

My intake Nurse was Sean Beinhaur. He was very kind, caring and showed great concern regarding my health status. Sean was very diligent about gathering all my health history, medications and had a way about him that made me feel comforted and at ease. When his shift was over, I asked if I would see him tomorrow and if he would be my Nurse. Sean said, “I may not be assigned to you but I'll stop in to see you, but you are more than welcome to request me if you want.” I said, “absolutely, that would be great!”

What was supposed to be a short stay turned into a three-day stay and I was blessed to have Sean as my day Nurse for all three days. Sean was a strong advocate for my health. Sean was very observant of my vitals at all times and kept on top of my eventual transportation. I was impressed with Sean's work ethic and his extensive lifelong job history as a front-line worker along with his desire to further his education and knowledge. Sean wanted the best for me and showed genuine concern.

After working three, 12-hour shifts, Sean still volunteered to be the required RN in the ambulance for the ride over to my new facility. If he had not volunteered, I could have missed out on the bed that just became available. The ride over was abundant with frost heaves and potholes. We went over the mountains through the woods and it was a very bumpy ride. Sean was very comforting and attentive including administrating medications to settle my nauseousness from riding backward on the roller coaster ride. He also pleasantly distracted me by sharing stories and photos. Sean and the EMT team stayed with me until I was admitted and settled into my new room.

What made Sean stand out as an extraordinary Nurse is that he cared enough about my health and went above and beyond, and literally the extra mile safely delivering me.