Scott Prudhomme

Scott Prudhomme

Scott Prudhomme, RN, BSN

UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, California
United States
Slowly and patiently Scott explained to me every step, and he assured me I would be kept comfortable.

I arrived for a CT-guided lung biopsy and Scott Prudhomme was assigned my RN for the day which began at 11:00 am to 4:30 pm when I was discharged. In that span of 5 ½ hours, what did Scott do for me? Let me tell you the truth; Scott greeted me with a smile, showed me the restroom, and covered me with warm blankets.

Wheeling me to the procedure room, he very gently transferred me from the trolley to the table, lying prone. To make me comfortable in such an awkward position, he went around gathering pillows to fill the contours of my body. He even found a thick piece of foam with holes to place under my head, cutting off one side to give more breathing room.

While waiting for the doctor, I told Scott that I expected to be put out completely for the procedure. He answered “No” because the doctor needed me to control my breathing. Shocking news to me! But his timely explanation prepared me to change my mindset, to ease my stress so I could help the doctor successfully carry out her work. Very crucial indeed.

Whisking me back as if he could read my mind, he first led me to the restroom. All this shows that Scott knows well and understands the physical discomforts of the patient, therefore Lucky is the patient who is in his care!

Scott also made it a point to address the anxiety and fear I had for the biopsy. Slowly and patiently he explained to me every step, and he assured me I would be kept comfortable. Post procedure, he made sure I understood what signs to look and how to manage them. This might have sounded routine but he allayed my stress going home.

With pleasure, I just described to you how Scott treated me in his care. I shall gladly give him an A+ grade.