Sarah Frye

Sarah Frye

Sarah Frye, MSN, RN

Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States
I can say without hesitation that Sarah is one of the best nurses that we have had the pleasure of contact with.

My 88-year-old father underwent PhotoFrin cancer treatment for a mass in his esophagus, requiring 3 procedures in 1 week. This is his second battle against cancer in his esophagus. Shortly after being home his pain level was very high and he was struggling; almost to the point of not wanting to continue the treatments and give up. We arrived at the hospital very early in the morning. To say my father was scared would be an understatement. I myself was upset and struggled to reassure him that he was in good hands. After the 2nd procedure, he woke and was in pain and disorientated. He began to panic and worry about the rest of the family and his condition. Sarah was one of the nurses that were assigned to him. Her bedside manner was exemplary.

Sarah was reassuring and calming. She was very attentive to his needs and did not dismiss his concerns. She accommodated his needs and relayed information back and forth to the correct doctors, both surgical and anesthesiology. My father was being very stubborn and difficult, nearly demanding to be admitted to the hospital. Mostly out of fear of being sent home in pain or having the pain resurface without relief. Sarah had a bedside manner that was angelic. She was able to comfort him emotionally and also help find the correct pain treatment so he could be comfortable but still cognitive.

Because of this, my father was able to rest which allowed us to calm my 82-year-old mother and allow her to eat something. Sarah was very detailed and helpful with discharge instructions going almost line by line and giving several examples of what to do so my father would not take too much pain medication. My parents have also had difficulties with daily medications and having updated lists. Sarah went through the list with them and made sure there were no interactions or complications with medications. She was also kind enough to print out a copy for me to have available in case of an emergency.

In the past 2 years, I have had many experiences with hospitals treating both my parents for various illnesses and issues related to their age. Some life-threatening and some not life-threatening. We have been involved in two different health systems. Between both my mother and father I would have to estimate I have spent 3 months in the hospital system dealing with nurses, doctors, and administrators. I can say without hesitation that Sarah is one of the best nurses that we have had the pleasure of contact with. And to top it off she did all of this just days away from her wedding! With as many things on a bride's mind before a wedding, it is nice to know that there is still room for this type of kindness and caring!