Sarah Berendes

Sarah Berendes, RN

Genesis Medical Center
Davenport, Iowa
United States

My husband and I nominated our labor nurse, Sarah, for a DAISY Award for her outstanding support of our natural birth plan and coaching throughout labor. She knew we wanted to have as natural a birth as possible and used her knowledge and expertise to guide us toward our goal. Sarah was a calming and positive presence throughout labor. She was able to tell when we required help and when we did not and offered helpful advice at just the right time.

Sarah was also very honest with us and provided us with key information about our labor. All  these qualities enabled Sarah to gain our trust, which I believe was most important. Being able to completely trust our labor nurse was not only extremely comforting, but enabled us to have a successful, natural birth. Although my husband and I were prepared, Sarah was the team member we didn't know we needed during labor to achieve our goal, and we are very grateful to have had her as our nurse.