Sara Kapinos

Sara Kapinos

Sara Kapinos, RN

Operating Room
Bridgton Hospital
Bridgton, Maine
United States
No matter what type of day she is experiencing, she always has a smile.

Sara goes the extra mile for her patients.  One example among many is when there was an intellectually challenged diabetic patient, about to have a procedure. The first attempt was quite evident that the instructions were not fully understood and followed. After assessing her home situation and her caregiver’s inability to help manage both the prep and her diabetes, Sara organized a plan to ensure the patient would be able to complete the procedure the second time.  She performed many telephone consults with the patient’s provider, Hospitalists, and Gastroenterologist; she also spent many hours coordinating an admission to facilitate the best quality care for this patient.


Sara is capable and receptive to help in several areas of the hospital.  She has floated to SCU and IPU on several occasions. Her flexibility and critical thinking skills make her a great team player and a positive asset throughout Bridgton Hospital. Her willingness to do whatever is asked of her is much appreciated. No matter what type of day she is experiencing, she always has a smile. We are privileged to have Sara as an important team member of perioperative services. Thank you, Sara, for all that you do to provide safe, reliable, high-quality care for every patient every day.