Sara Hanson

Sara Hanson

Sara Hanson, RN

Labor and Delivery/HROB
Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

Sara was an absolute angel and was such a beautiful blessing and encouragement to our family when I unexpectedly went into labor with our son three weeks early on Christmas night. She was so positive, warm, caring and supportive. She was so comforting to us as we navigated the unknown path of having a pre-term baby. She met us with such kindness, calm strength and a practical, but an extremely empathetic approach. I felt so safe and protected in her care and she helped transform a frightening situation into a beautiful, relaxed labor and delivery experience that I can look back on with joy and gratitude. I am especially grateful to her for saying, "Rachel! Look Down!" at the end of the delivery. If it hadn't been for her I would have missed the joyful experience of seeing my son enter the world! She is a true angel and I am so grateful to her and feel so blessed and privileged to have had her as my nurse.

Additionally, she made my transition in recovery very smooth and helped me understand my son's NICU experience better, as she accompanied me to the NICU and introduced me to his wonderful caregivers. She also was very patient, compassionate and understanding as she reassured me on our way from the NICU to the Family Suite and took extra care to make sure I was comfortable and settled, before leaving me in the care of another nurse on the 5th floor. She could not have been more wonderful!


Sara was Fantastic! She took the time to meet all of my family, which was a nice personal touch. Her social company to keep my mind off of the pain was very soothing. Her positive outlook on the whole experience was refreshing. I went in nervous and scared and left feeling like I was with one of my best friends and could go through anything! At the end of it all, she stayed late to help get me through the pushing part. Thank you for that.

Overall, Sara made my family's Sanford experience super positive and it was just nice to meet someone who is compassionate and so caring, because not every nurse meets your personality. So thank you Sarah for that!