Sara Fitzgerald

Sara Fitzgerald

Sara Fitzgerald, BSN, RN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
University Medical Center (TX)
Lubbock, Texas
United States

Sara Fitzgerald, BSN, RN, went above and beyond her job duties to provide comfort for the family of her dying patient.

Sara was taking care of an extremely sick patient, nearing the end of life. The patient's family was understandably distraught and Sara was able to provide them with comfort during a difficult time. Sara learned that the family was from out of state and had little money for food. She also found out the family was sleeping in the waiting room to cut costs. Sara went above and beyond by purchasing lunch for the family once she discovered that they hadn't eaten a hot meal in six days. Her compassion didn't stop there. Sara also knew the family hadn't showered in several days and she was able to find them a place to take a warm shower. Her actions truly exemplify UMC's motto, "Service is Our Passion," and her caring attitude made the family's last days with their loved one something they can cherish forever.

This is just one example of how Sara goes above and beyond for her patients and their families every day. She is a shining example of compassion.