Sandra Binkowski

Sandra Binkowski

Sandra Binkowski, RN

3 East MICU
Orange Regional Medical Center
Middletown, New York
United States
Sandra made sure that her patient's day was as special as it could be under the circumstances.

We recently had a young woman diagnosed with T cell lymphoma.  This patient had every complication possible - sepsis from an infected mediport, c diff, multiple dvt's all within 1-2 months.  After all of this, she ended up in the ICU for deteriorating respiratory status.  Sandra, being the compassionate and caring professional that she is, always listens to her patients and families, hearing and caring about all their stories to get to know the patient.  This patient shared a love story with Sandra. 

The patient has been with her partner for 12 years and only wished they could get married before it was too late.  On an unpredictable busy ICU Sunday, Sandra arranged for a wedding ceremony to take place for her patient in our ICU.  Sandra bought her a beautiful white top and dressed her with care and patience as her respiratory status was guarded.  Sandra then did the patients hair and brought in her own veil to share with the patient.  There were flowers, a cake, presents, an official and a happy groom!  Sandra also took photos for the patient who she had all decked out in all white and glowing!  She brought an unforgettable moment to all of our hearts in the sometimes tense, sad ICU and gave this patient the happiest day of her life and the hope and drive to live and get out of the MICU.


Sandra has always met the criteria needed for this nomination with her exceptional nursing care, her limitless compassion as well as her vast knowledge.  Anyone who has ever worked with or followed Sandra is well aware of her exceptional nursing attributes, and is witness to the fact that Sandra takes an enormous amount of pride in her work.

The main reason I nominate Sandra today is due to an incident that happened last week.  A very ill patient on our unit has been trying to get married to her fiancée for a year, but has always had to put it off due to her illness.  Finally, it was decided that she would get married here in our hospital.  After making her decision and contacting her minister, the patient asked Sandra to be Matron of Honor.  Sandra not only accepted, but made sure that her patient's day was as special as it could be under the circumstances.  Sandra, under her own fruition, arranged for the patient to have "something old", something new etc", silk flowers to hold, photographs taken, and finally, but most importantly, Sandra brought in her own veil (worn at her own wedding) for the bride to wear.