Sandi Carney

Sandi Carney, RN

Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

Sandi had a young 27-year old patient with cancer pass away unexpectedly during her shift. The family was very distraught. Sandi was there to provide emotional support to the entire family. The family had wanted to bring the patient's 6-year old son into the room to see his mother, but Sandi was able to have that difficult conversation with them about how it wasn't the best for the young boy to see his mother like this. The family was very thankful Sandi spoke up, and acknowledged they were not thinking clearly at that time, not fully understanding the ramifications a scene like this could have had on a young mind. She spared the boy from a disturbing view of his mother.

This patient's father and cousin were involved in an automobile wreck en route to the hospital after hearing of the patient's medical decline. Sandi was made aware that they had left the scene of the wreck with injuries themselves so they could get to their family member. After they arrived, Sandi got them ice packs for their injuries as well as contacted the ED, explaining the situation and facilitating a way for the family to bypass the ED wait and be seen immediately. In this situation, Sandi not only advocated for her patient, but also for her patient's family.

Sandi is so inspiring to me and our coworkers. Her hard work and dedication should not go unrecognized by the hospital and its' staff. All I can say is Sandi Carney is simply amazing!