Samantha Baietto

Samantha Baietto

Samantha Baietto, RN

Transitional Care Unit
OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
Bloomington, Illinois
United States

...Since I have been in TCU for such a long time I have had my room switched multiple times. I understand why it had to be done, but it is bothersome when you have to switch rooms week to week and also switch roommates from time to time. This last time, Samantha helped me in such a big way with my room situation. In my room it was hard for me to sleep the first night because I was close to the door with minimal privacy. I also did not sleep well due to the noise of having a roommate. That second night I was in my room, and the first night Samantha was on duty since my room change, she recognized my concerns and took action to address them. She had contacted housekeeping and had them hang another privacy curtain, which was completed in less than 10 minutes. This made me feel safe and less exposed than before. She also contacted a friend from outside the hospital. This friend went to Walgreens and purchased some ear plugs for me. This was such a huge thing for me. It allowed me to rest and feel comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, she also exchanged my recliner for a different one with more padded arm rests. This made a huge difference since I spend a lot of time in my chair during the day and evening. Samantha not only takes great care of my medical needs, she also takes care of the rest of me. I believe that this holistic approach places her far ahead of other staff I have encountered in my long stay at St. Joes.

While all of the staff has done a good job taking care of me, Samantha consistently goes above and beyond. I believe that she should be recognized by the highest honor you can give her. Since she works night shift, I do not know how many people get to experience her compassion and ability for patient care. Samantha is truly a blessing for your organization.