Samantha Abraham
January 2020
Labor and Delivery
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa
United States




The day/night our son was born we received exceptional care from the nurses at Memorial. We are Kaiser Patients and came to Memorial as overflow. Samantha took over while I was still in labor. After the delivery, when things didn't go as planned and the baby was taken to the NICU, Samantha was calm and kind. She worked hard to get me to the NICU as quickly as possible to see my baby and afterward was exceptionally kind in comforting me as the baby was transported to the city.
Samantha allowed my mom and sister to stay the night and even found something for my mom to sleep on. She helped us in ways she may not know. She was present for a beautiful moment in our lives that quickly became scary and unknown. Samantha guided us through what happened with compassion, especially after my husband and baby left for another location. She didn't need to be a shoulder to cry on, she didn't need to help process the emotional trauma, but she did without thinking. We feel Samantha did more than she had to, and we are grateful to her for all her help during the labor and delivery and her prayers in the days that followed.