Ryan Nash

Ryan Nash

Ryan Nash, RN

Med Surg
Baptist Health Medical Centers (AR)
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

... I feel lucky that Ryan was my daughter's caregiver for her first surgery and hospital stay in her 30 years. I am also an RN in this facility. My daughter, the patient, will graduate from the Baptist Health RN program in June of this year. Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was in the humbling position of mother of the patient.

Ryan is a kind, patient, soothing influence that patients respond to. He listens to the patient. You can tell that he truly cares about their needs and their perception of what is happening. He is professional and you can feel how much he cares about his patient's needs. I can honestly say he might be the best example of an RN that I have ever met. In a short length of time he was noticeably exemplary. I have never seen a nurse give a patient pain medication and put the bed in the lowest position!

He was busy but never forgot my daughter and her needs. He was so sharp with his time management.
He responded quickly, but never made us feel that we weren't a priority for him. I truly watched in awe as he responded to my daughter and I could visibly see her become calmer and watched them establishing a caregiver/patient relationship that said "I hear you, I will help you, you can trust me".

As I write this it brings tears to my eyes as I remember watching them talk about her needs, see her as she was trusting him and letting him help her with her post op pain. I have witnessed very few interactions like that with caregivers. These days, time is money, we always ask more of employees and usually ask them to achieve the goal with less. Not so with Ryan. They talked about a plan, how to achieve the goal, then made it happen. He really saw her and listened to her. Our hospital is very lucky to have Ryan on our staff. He truly is an example to others.

Ryan's best quality is the ability to look at his patient and listen to them. I watched the back and forth discussion with my daughter and saw them working out details, making a plan and figuring out how to attain that goal. They discussed each of their roles and what it took for them to get there. I watched a negotiation take place. I watched as he actually brought my daughter on board to take responsibility for her care and outcomes and she never saw it coming. As an RN, frequently the patient is left out of the loop as "Doctors orders" are completed, pain medication is given and more often than not, the patient has no responsibility for the outcome.

If you talk to Ryan, you will witness that quality that he possesses. He is destined for great things. Ryan is a leader, a motivator , he is a walking, breathing example of our hospital's branding...KEEP ON AMAZING.

I am proud to nominate him. I am proud to know him. I am proud to be his co-worker. He truly deserves the DAISY Award.