Roxanna Barzegar

Roxanna Barzegar

Roxanna Barzegar, RN

WellStar Kennestone Hospital
Marietta, Georgia
United States

During my week-long stay at WellStar Kennestone Hospital, I met my hero, a nurse named Roxanna. She was extraordinary, getting me the help that I was unable to obtain myself.

At one point, I developed a blood clot near my pic line. I had pain radiating down my arm, and knew there was something that was very wrong. I already had a clot in the same arm so I was scared that it was moving or was about to burst.

Roxanna walked in, saw that I was crying and terrified and got me the blood thinners I needed right away. She advocated for me with my care provider and helped alert of my condition.

I am so grateful for Roxanna; she saved my life. She deserves to be recognized as an outstanding nurse.