Rose Behney

Rose Behney

Rose Behney, RN

Labor and Delivery
Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
Barrington, Illinois
United States

I am writing this letter to formally recognize Rose Behney for her outstanding nursing care of my family during my wife's admission to the OB unit at Good Shepherd Hospital. As a result of pregnancy related complications our son was born 34 weeks gestation. After delivery his condition worsened and he developed respiratory distress syndrome. The caring, compassion, and presence that Rose provided my wife in the recovery period following her C-section allowed me to be able to spend time with our son while his condition was stabilized. She readily identified the distress that my wife and I were experiencing and made arrangements to continue caring for her after admission to the mother-baby unit. She helped me encourage her to see our son for the first time, as he needed her presence as much as she needed his. During the rest of our stay, Rose continued to care for our family and even called the hospital on her day off to see how she was feeling.

I have worked at GSH for three years and have come across many wonderful nurses, but in her care of our family, Rose stands above all. I myself am about to graduate from nursing school and her compassion, gentle touch, and genuine concern will forever remain with me as I proceed into my own practice. As nurses we are charged with treating the human condition: we advocate for our patients, we collaborate with others for their care, we teach and role model positive behaviors, and sometimes we are able to connect with our patients in a very unique and special way that defines what it means to be a nurse. Sure Rose helped with my wife's pain, brought ice cream for her and got the order for something other than a clear liquid diet; all good things. But she helped us where we needed it most by mending our heavy hearts and distressed souls, and that is what makes her a truly, truly special nurse.

With that being said it is my pleasure to recommend Rose for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for her outstanding compassionate care and providing me with a standard of nursing excellence that I will forever measure myself by throughout my nursing career.